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Men of Science vs. Women of Stilettos

Who needs science when you have stilettos? Photo by Jean ThorntonSometimes I think men are just jealous of how strong women really are.? How else can you explain some men’s constant attacks on women’s footwear?? The most recent of these attacks came from two scientists whose recent research findings were published in the Journal of Applied Physiology.? These men of science say their research shows that women who wear heels for 40 hours or more a week moved with shorter, more forceful strides, and that stiletto strutting ladies’ feet were perpetually flexed in a toes pointed position.? These movements continue even when barefoot (okay, here is the first issue I have with this study—why are they taking off their shoes?) because the fibers in the calf muscles of shoe girls had shortened, thus putting much greater mechanical strain on their calf muscles than those women who had the poor taste to wear flat shoes.?Men of Science, such as these researchers, might have a few x-rays, statistics, and charts on their side and perhaps some proven facts.? But as a Woman of Stiletto I cannot help but find fault with this study.? First of all, the designers did not study each woman in heels of varying heights.? I think it’s perfectly logical to assume that any woman who wears heels for 40 hours or more a week likely has a vast variety of shoes in many types of styles, heel heights, and support.? A Mary Jane pump might provide greater support than a strappy sandal.? A good shoe girl would recognize this and consider this when selecting shoes for the day.? Yes, many of us shoe girls will push ourselves to extreme for a cocktail party or evening out, but we generally have better sense when preparing for a busy day at the office.? It is logical to wear those more sensible Mary Jane Pumps when strutting up the street.?Another problem I see with this study is that is was not done in a natural environment, but inside a laboratory instead.? Here the women were put through controlled tests, walking certain distances while having their every move (or lack their of) recorded with electrodes.? But Women of Stilettos do not simply walk back and forth in a laboratory!? We strut down the street with confidence and grace to a sound track in our mind.? Show me a girl wobbling in her heels, and I will show you a girl with no personal theme song playing.? This study also gave the Women of Stilettos a lack of purpose in their walk.? A woman with a destination and drive behind her walk is a woman on a clear mission.? She is moving not to go solely from one side of a room to another, but to go somewhere, to do something with her actions.?But beyond these issues I see with how the research was conducted, and I offer another theory, which is this: Women of Stilettos are women of faith.? We climbed on top of something that should scientifically and logically not hold our weight.? No one would design a building with the logic of putting all the weight onto two tiny spokes.? Yet, women do it and have faith that we can hold ourselves up.? Women of Stilettos are women who believe that we will not fall down; even when we wobble a little we can self correct.? We see the world of cobble stone roads, loose gravel walkways, or grassy fields not as hindrances but just other challenges to overcome.? They are just another step that must be taken to move forward. That step might be shorter but they are forceful steps as the research of Men of Science shows.?Men of Science might be able to measure how my toes point even when resting or that my calf muscles have been altered by my choice of shoes.? But as a Women of Stiletto I kind of have to shrug my shoulders and say, “so what” and simply keep on walking.? Because a Women of Stiletto does not stop long enough to hear what Men of Science have researched; we are too busy moving ahead.Like this:Like3 bloggers like this.


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